October 28, 2014

Elastic aerogel tape with 10 mm thickness for thermal window installation.

taśma aerożelowa

The elastic aerogel tape* with 10 mm thickness is a perfect solution for thermal window installation. This material is the best one for this purpose because aerogel is currently the most effective insulator on the market.

The exceptionally low heat transfer coefficient allows the elimination of thermal bridges in the window recesses. The standard width of the aerogel tape for thermal window insulation is 8 cm** in order to protect the contact of the window frame with the wall.

The elastic aerogel tape* is also a perfect insulation for the space under the windowsills, where the heat loss is the greatest. Our offer also includes tape with standard width of 20 cm for such purposes **.



* the aerogel tapes do not have an adhesive layer

** we also offer other tape widths on demand