Innovative thermal insulation.

Aerogel in the form of a mat is the most effective thermal insulation in the world. The aerogel mat is a porous substance with exceptionally good thermal insulation properties thanks to the very large, air-filled pores inside the structure. The air remains locked in the silica skeleton, constituting up to 99.8% of the volume in the pores. The porous structure is small enough to minimise the effects of convection and heat radiation. The structure of the silica skeleton causes the aerogel to act as a solid body, and a weak conductor.

The Evergel aerogel mat is an excellent insulating material which perfectly fulfils its essential function – it provides thermal insulation, plus additional benefits thanks to its unique properties. As a plastic material, it can be easily moulded and cut to the right shape. Along with its low thickness, this means that it works very well as an insulator for thermal bridges, hard to reach surfaces and structures where the use of thicker insulation is limited for architectural reasons.

The flammability class of the material has been tested at the renowned Exova Warringtonfire Institute and all parameters are confirmed by Technical Approval No. AT-15-9765/2016. The mat also has a Hygiene Certificate issued by the National Institute of Hygiene.

The Evergel aerogel mat has very good thermal insulation properties, with a thermal conductivity coefficient of 0.018 W/mK. As a result, Evergel 13 mm successfully replaces conventional 30 mm thick insulation.

The Evergel high temperature resistant mat meets the most demanding standards of fire protection. It has European flammability class A2, s1, -d0, which means that it is non-combustible, does not produce hazardous smoke and does not spread fire, as well as being fire-proof insulation.

The Evergel mat is a durable material that will retain its properties for many years. It is also hydrophobic, and resistant to external factors and chemical and biological corrosion. The mat does not sustain damage under pressure.

Thanks to its porous and open structure, the Evergel mat is an excellent acoustic insulator. The material adheres closely to the structural elements of the building, eliminating any gaps through which noise can penetrate.

The Evergel mat is completely hydrophobic, yet breathable and vapour permeable. It dries moisture from the walls and prevents corrosion.

The low insulation thickness and high packing density allow for a significant reduction in transport and storage costs compared to rigid, moulded materials.


Property Value Research method
Declared thermal conductivity coefficient λ at a temperature of 10°C, W/mK 0,018 PN-EN 12667:2002
Water vapour diffusion resistance factor μ 4,8 PN-EN 12086:2013
Dimensional stability under the defined temperature and humidity conditions (+70°C and 90%) ± 10% PN-EN 1604:2013
Tensile strength, kPa:
- along fibres
- across fibres
≥ 300
≥ 1000
PN-EN 1798:2009
Relative elongation at break, %:
- along fibres
- across fibres
≥ 19
≥ 23
PN-EN 1798:2009
Maximum application temperature 675°C PN-EN 14706:2013
Emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) Emission below the permissible concentrations harmful to health UA GW VIII.21/2011
Class of reaction to fire A2-s1, d0 PN-EN 13501-1+A1:2010


Parameter Evergel aerogel mat Styrofoam Mineral wool
Thermal conductivity coefficient 0,018 W/mK 0,031 – 0,042 W/mK 0,030 – 0,045 W/mK
Class of reaction to fire Class A Class E Class A
Maximum application temperature 675˚C 80 ˚C 600 – 800 ˚C
Tensile strength across fibres: ≥300 kPa along fibres: ≥ 1,040 kPa ≥100 kPa ≥10 kPa
Behaviour in contact with water exceptionally water and moisture resistant, hydrophobic water and moisture resistant, does not absorb water from the air low resistance to conditions of high moisture, hygroscopic
Resistance to chemical factors resistant not resistant to organic solvents resistant
Acoustic insulation very good poor very good
Heat resistance of insulation for thickness 13 mm 0,722 m2K/W 0,351 m2K/W
(dla śr. Λ=0,037 W/mK)
0,344 m2K/W
(dla śr. Λ=0,038 W/mK)


Aerogel mats are widely used in industry, especially in the heating sector. They work well in the insulation of high temperature pipelines, furnaces, fireplaces and wherever conventional insulation cannot be used due to its thickness.

Our insulators work extremely well in various modes of transport, including ships, rolling stock, tankers, caravans and yachts. They ensure minimal heat loss, space saving and acoustic comfort.

Due to their low thickness and low thermal conductivity coefficient, aerogel mats operate extremely well in construction. They provide very good insulation for any thermal bridges and are also suitable for the insulation of window sills, balconies, and window and door joinery.

Aerogel mats are widely used in the insulation of everyday items such as tourist equipment (tents, sleeping bags, thermoses, thermal bags), as well as winter shoes and clothing. They provide resistance to extreme temperature and humidity conditions.


Category Object Joist dimensions Quantity Gross weight
301003 Evergel 3 mm 150xØ38 cm 36 m2 27 kg
301005 Evergel 5 mm 150xØ40 cm 36 m2 44 kg
301008 Evergel 8 mm 150xØ51 cm 36 m2 62 kg
301010 Evergel 10 mm 150xØ58 cm 36 m2 70 kg
301013 Evergel 13 mm 150xØ62 cm 36 m2 79 kg